Who Knows? Perhaps He Will Relent…

Ash Wednesday
February 14, 2018
Joel 2:12-19
Who Knows?  Perhaps He Will Relent…

 What do we really know about the character and the nature of Almighty God?  Does He fit into a little box of what we expect and want from a god?  Is He what we demand Him to be?  Or is He Whoever He is – I am Who I am – regardless of what we want or what we believe to be true?

The prophet Joel spoke the Lord’s sure Word to His people.  Historically, less is known about the situation surrounding Joel than that of any other prophet of the Bible.  We don’t know when Joel lived, who was king, what the specific sins of the Lord’s people were, or what external threats faced God’s people at that time.  The text would seem to indicate the onslaught of a plague of locusts, among other things, with all the related natural consequences – loss of all vegetation and crops, drought, the devastation of all existing food stores – but even that could be just a metaphor for an invading army.  The scope of the judgment even hints at the fact that this was not primarily something that occurred in Joel’s day, but is rather a prophecy that mainly looks far away, into the future, to the final judgment of all mankind.  The text is just not specific and clear on these points.

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