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Tomorrow is Rally Day at St. Paul’s!  It marks the beginning of a new season of worship, Bible study, catechesis and Sunday school. It is a new start for all of us which is true everyday of our lives in Christ Jesus. Needless to say, we much to be thankful for and rejoice over as well as much to pray about, pray for and consider. Certainly, our dear brothers and sisters in the Caribbean, Florida, Louisiana and Texas are on our hearts and minds. How fitting it is that the theme for tomorrow’s sermon is “Serious Business.” Please join us!

Our Prayers are Lifted Up for So Many:

Almighty God, ruler over wind and wave and all things here on earth and throughout the universe. Hear our prayer for every man, woman and child affected by the unprecedented events in our country and around the world be it by hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, or whatever natural or man-made disaster. We especially pray for all who are in the path of Hurricane Irma including those dear ones who we now name in our hearts.****

Preserve all human life we pray, dear Father. Bring swift rescue and aid to those who are peril. Give safe shelter and all of life’s necessities to those in need of the same. Protect and give strength and wisdom to all first responders. Comfort those who have lost loved ones or do not know their whereabouts or condition. And bless the relief efforts of our Synod and our country.”